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16 February 2001

Julie Time

My wife Julie is trekking in Thailand with her friend Debora. We communicate with frequent email, but the time difference is still a challenge after two weeks. Julie's flight schedule is even more confusing! Offhand, it takes them a day and a half to fly there and only two hours to get back! Of course time zones and the International Date Line are involved. According to my atlas, we are at GMT -8 hours, Taiwan is +8 and Thailand is +7 hours. How long will the flight take in Julie time? Will she feel like driving home after landing in LA?

Julie is sharing her adventures by email on the DMS Julie in Thailand page.

Here's Julie and Debora's flight plan to and from Bangkok in Thailand, with a stop in Taiwan. How long are they in the air, both there and back again? These days and times look like a misprint!

  From: To: Depart: Arrive:
There: Los Angeles, California Taipei, Taiwan Thursday
2:10 PM
8:40 PM
  Taipei, Taiwan Bangkok, Thailand Friday
9:55 PM
12.45 AM

Back again: Bangkok, Thailand Taipei, Taiwan Thursday
4:25 PM
8:55 PM
  Taipei, Taiwan Los Angeles, California Thursday
11:10 PM
6:30 PM


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