An adorable aptosaurus family can be constructed here. A tall matriarch shows her twins how to feed from the tallest trees. These look great set up under a desk plant or vase of flowers to cheer up a bedridden dinosaur-lover.


1. Print out the mother.
2. Cut out dinosaur, being careful not to cut out the leg flaps, which we will glue together.
3. Fold a crease down the tail.
4. Cut the leg flap from the bottom of the tail to the back of the heel. Overlap the two flaps. Glue the flaps together. You should have a continuous "U" shape for the dinosaur to stand on.
5. Glue the head and neck together, along with the first inch of the shoulders in back, with white glue. This will make the paper wet and limp. Lay the dinosaur on its side and let it dry a couple hours. The dry glue will reinforce the neck. Once dry, it is surprisingly stable for a tall paper model.
6. Repeat for the apto twins.
7. Set up an adorable diorama.

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